🌟 Key Highlights 🌟

🏃 YoloPerks: Getting Started with Tech

Worked on the YoloPerks backend dashboard built on PHP and MySQL, introducing me to GIT, Slack, and the importance of quality code.

🌟 From Interning to Full-time Employee

Started as an intern and showcased exceptional skills and dedication, leading to a transition into the core services arm of the startup, April Innovations.

😎 Versatile Skill Set

Cultivated a versatile skill set by balancing teaching and interning, spanning coding, designing, and asset extraction for Android and web development.

🚀 Vibrant Work Atmosphere

Thrived in the dynamic startup culture, absorbing both technology and design aspects. A typical workday included tasks from social media design to website work or app design.

📊 Marketing Perspectives

Acquired domain knowledge and different approaches to work by actively engaging in marketing activities.

🏆Contributions & Achievements 🏆

🎮 Gamified Customer Engagement

Pioneered tech and marketing initiatives at YoloPerks, a startup incubated by iCreate, transforming it into a mobile app-based platform that gamified customer engagement for restaurants, salons, and cafes.

🌐 Experience with on-site projects

Worked with esteemed clients like Tata Croma, Wrigley, and Murgency, contributing to their frontend development and management dashboards.

🚀 Product Development

Contributed to backend and frontend development of Newsummedup.com, implementing PHP – Laravel framework along with MongoDB.

🔐 Server Management

Demonstrated expertise in managing EC2 instances, debugging database issues (MySQL, MongoDB), and implementing security measures.

👥 Training and Mentoring

Trained and managed interns for PHP and front-end development, nurturing new talents.

💡 Learnings 💡

🔄 Balancing Act

Developed the ability to balance teaching commitments with an active role in a startup environment while interning with YoloPerks.

🔍 Marketing Insight

Gained insights into marketing strategies and their alignment with technology.

🔧 Versatility

Mastered various technologies, including PHP-Laravel, Angular, SharePoint, and more, fostering a Jack-of-all-trades versatility.

🖥️ All things tech

Acquired a comprehensive understanding of various aspects within the tech domain, providing a launchpad for my career.

YoloPerks :
Worked on the in-house product, both web code, design and social media
A static website for a pan-asian restaurant
News Summed Up :
Full stack development for an in-house news aggregation website
A WordPress Website developed for an educationa institution
Mount Meru Connect :
Mobile application design for Mount Meru’s HRMS extension
Auto Lounge India :
Mobile application design for a car repair/service app
Murgency :
Full stack development | Ola/Uber for ambulances
Revelwood :
Custom wordpress theme development
HNG Glass :
A CMS based website development
Kenya Law :
UX Design for an android app
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