🌟 Highlights 🌟

My work at Egen revolves around enhancing Egen’s digital presence through strategic web design, lead management with Pardot, and harnessing the power of SEO to broaden our online reach.

🌟 Crafting Seamless UX

Collaborated closely with designers to create engaging web pages, ensuring a unified digital narrative for the accelerators, service, accelerators and other landing pages using Figma and WordPress.

Performance Optimization

Successfully reduced the number of plugins, ensuring tablet and mobile optimization, and achieved an impressive pagespeed score of 90+.

🌀 Website Revamp

Implemented the website revamp and seamlessly migrated resources from the SpringML’s website to the new one post merger.

🏆Contributions & Achievements 🏆

📱 Optimization for different screens

Implemented clean and fast loading pages that were optimized for mobile, tablet, and desktop.

🤞 Accessibility Enhancement

Successfully implemented strategies to enhance website accessibility.

Pardot Expertise

Actively managed lead processes through Pardot, optimizing workflows and automations to streamline marketing strategies. Created segmented lists for email blasts, explored new user-centric approaches to lead management and nurturing through Pardot, and effectively managed a list of Wins.

💡 Learnings 💡

🌻 Continuous Growth

Elevated the digital experience for Egen through a dedicated focus on the organization’s website, reducing plugins, and optimizing code for improved performance.

Daily Quality Checks

Conducted daily quality checks on the website and careers page to ensure proper functioning and a smooth user experience.

📊 Data-Driven Decision-Making

Utilized Google Analytics and Search Console extensively to track and analyze user behavior, enabling data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement of Egen’s digital platforms.

YoloPerks + April Innovations:
My 1st tech workplace
Learnt significance of empathy in web development
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