🌟 Highlights 🌟

🌐 Website Maintenance

Regular updates and maintenance of the HBCSE website for optimal performance.

🌍 Managed Multiple WordPress Sites.

Handled various WordPress websites, showcasing versatility in web development.

🙋 Open Source & STEM Contribution

Volunteer and mentored for Gnowledge Lab at HBCSE, collaborating on open-source initiatives, like development of a retro gaming station, and teaching kids how to build their own games.

🏆Contributions & Achievements 🏆

💻 Enhancing Digital Presence

Enhanced HBCSE’s digital footprint through strategic web development and maintenance.

🔧 Server Room Enhancements

Contributed to the enhancement of server room facilities.

📬 Mail and Website/Application Migrations

Led pivotal transitions in HBCSE’s digital infrastructure, streamlining organizational processes.

🌐 WordPress Website Management

Managed and updated a diverse range of WordPress websites for HBCSE, including Chemistry Education, Gallery, IWM Workshop, NIUS, Olympiad, SSRD Group, Vigyan Pratibha, and Vigyan Shiksha. These projects involved regular content updates, structural optimization, theme adjustments, and securing the websites against potential threats.

💡 Learnings 💡

🖥️ Web Project Management

Developed expertise in managing and executing complex web development projects.

⚙️ IT Infrastructure and Server Maintenance

Gained valuable experience in IT infrastructure, focusing on maintenance and upgrades.

🧊 Server Room Upgrade

Learned about advanced server rack technologies and in-rack cooling systems.

🚀 Adaptability During COVID-19

Played a crucial role in adapting to remote work challenges by developing an in-house application for managing monthly reports, facilitating seamless work-from-home transitions.

🛠️ Micro-Application Development

Granted a free hand in project approach, I explored PHP-Laravel, leading to the development of applications like APAR Web and Vigyan Pratibha Submissions, showcasing innovation and skill enhancement.

Worked on websites, majorly WordPress, with a focus on security.
Micro Applications:
Worked on a common dashboard for people at HBCSE to access e-services
YoloPerks + April Innovations:
My 1st tech workplace
My avatar-at-work
Egen (formerly SpringML):
WordPress, Pardot, Marketing, Remote work and so much more
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